A symposium organised and curated by Trish Cain called Construction: Knowing through making  accompanied the exhibition, Built at the Mall Galleries in June 2012. The symposium formed part of the 2012 London Festival of Architecture and many high profile practitioners in Architecture and Art spoke, including

  • Will Alsop OBE RA, Architect
  • Bruce McLean, Artist
  • Richard Wentworth, Professor of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art
  • Dr Ranulph Glanville, whose work as an architect and academic is based in the notion that each of us constructs our own world
  • Charles Walker, Professor Professor of Drawing at the University of the Arts, London
  • Rick Mather, Architect
  • Chris Dyson Architect
  • The exhibiting artists, Anthony Eyton RA, Julia Midgley RE, Jeanette Barnes, and Patricia Cain  in conversation about their work and collaborations on site.

The theme behind the symposium

Working on site and being part of the construction process is fundamental to each exhibiting artist’s process. So their work is not about representing the building as an artefact, but very much evolves from the experience of being there, recording and integrating with those who are making the building. In effect, construction is both their subject matter and their method.

The themes of the symposium extend this. They are about coming to know through making things and the notion that mindsets are shaped and altered during often collaborative processes in ways that it’s not possible to describe linguistically, which is why the learning of skill is so fundamental to our creativity and imagination.

Click here for a review of the exhibition and symposium by Katherine Tyrell:


The exhibition and symposium were in association with  Architects Journal and supported by Liverpool John Moores University Art and Design Academy.