An exhibition for the London Festival of Archiecture, ‘Built’  was curated at the Mall Galleries in 2012 by Trish Cain and showcased the work of four prominent British artists who have made drawings paintings and sculpture recording, depicting and responding to the construction of signature buildings in the UK:

  • Anthony Eyton R.A., Artist in residence at the Eden project over a 10 year period and invited artist at Millbank during construction of Tate modern;
  • Jeanette Barnes past Jerwood Drawing prize winner and Hunting Prize award winner who has been recording the construction of seminal buildings in the city of London and most recently, the Olympic arenas;
  • Julia Midgley R.E. Reader Documentary Drawing, and past winner of both the Rainford Trust and Printmaking Today Awards  who was project Artist in Residence the during the construction of Liverpool John Moores University’s Art & Design Academy designed by Rick Mather.
  • Patricia Cain – Author and Artist in Residence for Hadid’s acclaimed Riverside Transport Museum in Glasgow for which she was winner of last year’s Threadneedle and Aspect Prizes.


Joining the Brickies, Chippies and Sparks each morning the Artists in this exhibition have all been Artist in Residence on many of the major public building works over the last few years. The Olympic Stadium, Tate Modern, Eden Project, Art & Design Academy in Liverpool and Glasgow’s new Riverside museum have all had Artists on site to observe and respond to the construction process.

The Artists showing in ‘Built’ were granted access to view first hand the process of change as old buildings were brought down and new ones built. The work on display is an interrogation of the activity of construction as the artists got to grips with issues of scale and structure.

More details can be found on the Mall Galleries’ website at and at the website for London Festival of Architecture

A review of the exhibition and symposium by Katherine Tyrell:

The exhibition and symposium were in association with  Architects Journal and supported by Liverpool John Moores University Art and Design Academy.