Drawing (on) Riverside was a major 5 month long summer solo exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries in 2011. Spread over seven rooms, the work explored the construction process of Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum during my three year residency on-site.

Whilst observing the building though painting and drawing, I couldn’t help but learn about the processes I was recording. I went on to investigate the interactions of these processes and the people working on site, not only by comparing these to my own artistic processes, but also by exploring the ‘give and take’ nature of the on-site collaborations through a series of projects with others (Ann Nisbet, Phil Lavery, Alec Galloway and Rosalind Lawless).

I tried to expose the processes between us all and show how the progression of our discoveries has been worked through.  As a result, the exhibition focused not only on the construction of the Museum, but also on the creative and collaborative  process of making. Taking a further step back, it also revealed how the exhibition itself became constructed.

Over 45,000 visitors attended the exhibition, part of which was subsequently shown at 11 Spitalfields Gallery in London in 2012. The following are images of the exhibition and the accompanying publication is available through Amazon via this link:




Photos by Jim Dunn